Stressless is 40 - and feeling better than ever

Stressless - The Innovators of Comfort

Stressless Blues
The comfort of a Stressless recliner will make you want to sit in our chairs. Their classic design will make you want to look at them. Stressless recliners come in several stunning designs.
From the sleek Stressless Blues to the
elegant Stressless Oxford, there is a
Stressless recliner for every taste.
Scandic Inspiration
See how they feel
  • Stressless Atlantic
  • Stressless Blues
  • Stressless Dream
  • Stressless Jazz
  • Stressless Kensington
  • Stressless Reno
Stressless is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands, and is manufactured by Ekornes in Norway. The Stressless comfort recliner chairs have been manufactured for 40 years, and we are continously working on improving every detail of our products. Our patended innovations are only found in Stressless seating solutions. Try our comfort chairs and comfort furniture solutions today at your featuring all our Stressless product benefits. Take the Comfort Test at one of our many retailers and experience the difference a Stressless makes.

Enjoy the sights and the sounds in true comfort

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